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    March 6, 2013
    7:00 - 9:00am PST  

and also this morning, a major headline to share about valerie harper and her health struggle right now. what doctors have just told her and how she's dealing with her diagnosis this morning. >> all right. well, we are certainly wishing her the very best. she's such a lovely lady. but, we want to get right to the snowstorm that is targeting d.c. the entire northeast at this hour. the nation's capital is shut down already. the federal government has closed for the day. sam and ginger are tracking the very latest. sam, good morning. >> yeah, there's much more to come. this is the same storm system that gave us pictures like this, outside of chicago, western springs, and video of what happened last night. winchester, virginia, with an awful lot of snow coming down. this is believe it or not the same storm system but now it's phase two of that storm. here's what happens. the low cuts across the great lakes and moved across the mountains. now we're forming a coastal low. that coastal low will sit there because there's a blocking area of high pressure that just doesn't allow it to leave so it's basically here from now all the way until friday with wind,
some rain mixing in with snow along the coastline and then snow, heavy snow thrown inland. so much snow that what you see on the ground right now with ginger zee is just phase one. our ginger zee is in potomac, maryland, this morning. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: snow is coming down fast and furious this morning in washington, d.c. wet and heavy on the federal offices that have been closed ahead of this march monster. in maryland and virginia, shelves are empty and lines were long. >> it's stressing me out. getting everything and making sure, you know, the store doesn't run out of the stuff i need. >> reporter: overnight millions of chicagoans slipped and skidded into their biggest snowmaker of the season. this morning, nearly half the country is being affected. at least 1500 flights already canceled with more to come. >> definitely ready for the snow to be done. hopefully this is the last one. >> reporter: in some places more than a foot has already fallen. towns blanketed in snow now face the blowing and drifting dangers.
which police say contributed to a deadly crash near indianapolis. across the midwest there have been hundreds of other accidents. in wisconsin, this semi slipped off an icy bridge killing the driver. in minneapolis, a solid nine inches coated the roads leaving man and beast caked in the white stuff. roads here are running okay. they're wet but this is why. it's been named so far snow plus rain and this is heavy, wet, the epitome of packing snow. now, come with me. this is going to be the problem today. you see how heavy it is here on the bushes. we're already hearing of some power outages. when it's that heavy and wet it will go on power lines and trees and that's going to be a lasting issue with the wind. sam? >> oh, ginger, you're just outside the beltway and western areas like where you are right now is what get pounded overnight. so, everybody wants to know where the snow totals are. thanks, ginger.
here's what we think will happen. the idea is that just outside the beltway you get your heavier collection of snow. that's 6 to 10 inches of snow. everywhere you see the darker shades of purpose the just west of boston as well, 10 inches plus. that could be a foot of snow. just remember coastal areas will do the mixing. inland will get the pounding. wins will stay. we'll look at it later, 30, 40, 50 miles per hour easy thursday into friday. this is going to be -- yeah, this is a strong gusty wind and a big storm. so, george, amy, we'll talk about it all day. now to that surging market. the dow now well above 14,000. our weekend co-anchor bianna golodryga watching it all. bianna, this new record has set off a hot debate among market experts. is it time for the small investor to get in or get out? >> a lot are asking that. what a day we saw on wall street on tuesday. let's take a look at what the dow did closing at 14,253. now nearly doubling the all-time low that we saw back in 2009. so let's go over what's behind the rally. of course, we were talking about the housing market recovering. that's having ripple effects for a lot of other sectors. interest rates are near record
lows, the federal reserve keeps pumping money into the economy and corporate profits are high. so the big question a lot of people want to know, is there a new bubble that we're seeing? here's the last one we saw. you see how the stock market really tanked from 2009 to -- 2007 to 2009, so are we seeing that again? well, corporate profits at an all-time high. not necessarily in a bubble, george, because, think about it, they were cutting costs, they were cutting jobs, unfortunately, but as far as the overall economy, we're only talking about 30 stocks when it comes to the dow. these are global stocks, george, not really reflective of the overall economy here at home. >> okay, bianna, thanks very much. now to the rest of the morning's headlines. >> including that news we had from venezuela. good morning to all of you. we begin with the death of hugo. the unpredictable president of venezuela. could have a major impact here in the united states, after all chavez controlled more oil reserves than saudi arabia. abc's matt gutman is in venezuela this morning. [ chanting ] >> reporter: overnight thousands gathered in venezuela's capital
to mourn the only leader many here have ever known. the fourth largest provider of oil to the u.s., is in political flux. late tuesday chavez's handpicked successor interim president nicolas maduro expelled two american military attaches from the country accusing them of trying to destabilize the army. before tearfully announcing the death of the 58-year-old socialist leader. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: maduro hinted that chavez who suffered from an undisclosed type of cancer had been poisoned by foreign elements including the u.s. an assertion the state department is calling absurd. they hoped the death would soothe 14 years of tension with the venezuelan government. before his illness forced him from the world stage, chavez had become notorious for his bluster. >> you are a donkey, mr. bush. >> reporter: president george w. bush was one of his favorite targets. >> translator: yesterday, the devil came here.
>> reporter: there are so many unknowns. what was that illness that killed chavez? are the elections over the next 30 days going to bring violence to this country? josh? >> abc's matt gutman in caracas. meanwhile, we are getting our first look at the now retired pope benedict. italy's "chi" magazine published this photo. showing benedict in white walking in the gardens of the papal summer retreat. meanwhile, cardinals at the vatican preparing to elect a new pope are leading a public prayer service. and back in this country, new warning about so-called nightmare bacteria infecting people at more american hospitals. the cdc says the bacteria is resistant to even the strongest antibiotics has now spread to more than 200 medical facilities, most in the northeast. the fatality rate, up to 50%. while cases are still relatively rare, authorities are warning hospitals now to take all possible precautions. and in connecticut, a dunkin' donuts worker refused to be robbed at the drive-through. watch as this man tries to climb
in. first she throws a cup of hot coffee in his face and then she follows up with the whole pot. >> oh. >> needless to say, he had other places to be and didn't get a dime. and a dazzling and historic light show in san francisco. look at this. the bay bridge up till now perhaps an ugly stepchild of sorts to the famous golden gate has just become the world's largest l.e.d. light sculpture. it will be lit up like this every night for the next two years to mark the bridge's 75th birthday. it took five miles of cable, 25,000 lights, the drive from the east bay now to san francisco will not be the same. that's a beautiful sight. >> beautiful. thanks, josh. >> you bet. well, now to the big headline for everyone traveling and going through security at the airport for the first time since 9/11, the tsa is allowing some knives aboard planes. the announcement has been greeted with outrage by flight attendants. abc's david kerley has the story. >> reporter: an abrupt reversal
this morning after a decade of banning and confiscating pocket knives, the government will now allow small knives on planes drawing an immediate angry response from flight attendants. >> it's going to create passenger confusion and it's also going to bring a weapon on board. it doesn't make any sense to allow knives on board aircraft. >> reporter: this is what will be allowed on planes in a month and a half, small folding knives with a blade shorter than 2.36 inches and 1/2 inch wide. rules relaxed to carry on golf clubs, pool cues, lacrosse and hockey sticks. the tsa says it's about risk assessment. every month, at the 20 largest airports, four tons of knives are confiscated. >> we need to keep the screening lines moving at this point and looking for tiny little objects that are not likely to be used to hijack an airplane is really just going to slow things down. >> reporter: the head of the tsa told airline officials he wants to concentrate on what really worries him, explosives, especially the liquid explosives, which are difficult to detect.
flight attendants complain there is an irony in this change by tsa. while the small pocket knifes will be allowed, box cutters like the ones used to hijack the planes on 9/11 are still banned. they cannot be carried on to a plane. george? >> thank goodness for that. thanks very much. to politics now and the anatomy of a smear. for weeks the powerful chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, robert menendez, has been denying reports that he paid women for sex in the dominican republic and now one of the women said she was paid to lie about the senator. abc's brian ross is here with all the details on the story that wasn't. good morning, brian. >> good morning, george. that's true. american politics as you know knows few limits and both parties have played their share of dirty tricks. in the case of menendez he appears to be the victim of a very dirty trick involving sex, lies and videotape. here's how it happened. as menendez campaigned for re-election last year, republican operatives secretly went into overdrive to implicate
him in a sex scandal. is that the same person you had sex with? [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: six days before, operatives helped arrange interviews in the dominican republic with this woman and this one and this one who all told abc news the senator paid them for sex. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: it supposedly happened at the famed dominican resort casa de campo and one of the homes of the campaign donors where they claimed in reports that surveillance teams learned of raucous pool parties, everyone naked, of course, but none of the women could produce identity cards with their real names. and they all provided the same story almost word for word as if they had been coached. they were. at least according to a sworn affidavit filed in court this week by one of the three women who says it was all a lie, not the truth, that she and the others were paid to use fake
names and make up a story about sex with the senator. >> i think it's a pretty elaborate plot to take down a sitting senator. >> reporter: abc news did not report the allegations last year but two of the women also talked to a conservative news website "the daily caller" which ran a story and continues to stand by it. senator menendez said tuesday it was all an outrage. >> these are false smears that began during my election in an attempt to affect the election for the senate. >> while the allegations about the prostitutes may have been discredited, the senator still faces an ethics inquiry into his relationship with that donor who provided menendez with private plane flights and for whom menendez allegedly intervened to obtain contracts, much less sexy but potentially much more significant. >> okay, brian, thanks very much. and now to martha stewart's center stage in a dramatic media
frenzy and the emotional courtroom battle with two of america's biggest stores going head to head over her with accusations of broken contracts and big business backstabbing. abc's dan harris has the very latest on all of this. dan, good morning. >> good morning. this is a fun trial to watch. the contrasts here are deliciously absurd. this trial involves allegations of ruthless sharp elbowed business deals over such products as linens, stationery, curtains and kitchenware. martha stewart walked out of court in new york city smiling and taking pictures. >> they'll break my ankles. >> reporter: she was as regal and fussy as ever chiding the photographers getting annoyed when her bodyguard tried to put her in the wrong car and then chiding the photographers again. nearly a decade after she was sentenced to five months in prison for lying to investigators about a stock trade -- >> today is a shameful day. >> reporter: -- she was back on the witness stand tuesday. stewart who is 71, is in the middle of a fight between two powerful suitors, the heads of
macy's and jcpenney. it's gotten emotional. macy's chief executive terry lundgren who is suing both stewart and jcpenney, saying he felt sick to his stomach when stewart said she was doing a deal with jcpenney. lundgren thought they had an exclusive arrangement. ♪ looks like we made it >> reporter: macy's had helped stewart resuscitate her brand after she got out of the clink. both stewart and jcpenney insist there was no breach of contract. on the stand stewart said "it just boggles my mind that we're sitting here in front of you, judge." here's the question, could fresh accusations of being a corporate backstabber be yet another blow to the public image of america's pre-eminent domestic diva? she made it through going to prison. can she make it through being accused of, you know, having really sharp elbows? >> you know, i think people used to think that martha was nice. and i think they've gotten over that. she's somebody whose style authority they trust. >> now, if martha stewart was
hoping to use her testimony to seem more relatable, there was at least one misstep. when asked whether customers would be willing to buy her products from two stores at the same time she said, and i quote here, "they might have two houses. they might have two kitchens." not a problem i have. >> oh. not so relatable. >> not so relatable. >> all right. >> no. >> thanks, dan. over to london for the latest on kate middleton. just about every move she makes makes headlines but nothing like the over-the-top reaction to the half-sentence she let out on a royal visit to grimsby, england. lama hasan is covering all the commotion. >> reporter: it may have been a small slip of the tongue, but, boy, is it making huge headlines this morning. it's a girl screams one, has kate given the game away says another. so, could william and kate be having a baby girl? well, what else could "d" stand for? never before has the sex of a royal baby been revealed until it was born.
it's royal tradition not to do so. but at a walkabout in grimsby yesterday the duchess may have dropped her guard a little. the cat is out of the bag. it's a girl. >> it's a girl. well, it's the biggest hint that we've had yet that it's a girl. >> reporter: the glowing royal mama is usually discreet and good about keeping mum when it comes to secrets and her privacy. >> according to one woman when she was given a teddy bear she said thank you, i'll give that to my "d," and then she stopped herself. >> reporter: she quickly realized her mistake. the duchess also revealed that she's craving cupcakes and, oh, yes, the baby is kicking. and with a july due date the baby could be a diana birthday baby. >> well, the bookie's favorite names are elizabeth, no surprise there, william's grandmother,
queen elizabeth iii would have a lovely ring and diana as well. >> reporter: even kate's famous mother-in-law never thought there would be a queen diana. well, maybe now there will be. the palace isn't commenting on whether the royal couple is expecting a boy or girl but my friend at the palace told me that they're dealing with this by confirming, quote, it's a baby. but either way, boy or girl, this baby will be the next king or queen, george and amy. >> wait, let me get that down. it's a baby. okay, that's good to know. the thing about this is that somebody -- >> that's what they're confirming. >> a real person heard the whole thing. >> reporter: exactly. kate was overheard saying it, saying the "d" word. if you think about it what else could "d" actually stand for apart from daughter? that's what they overheard. everyone here is buzzing about this, that she could have revealed it. george and amy. >> okay, lama, thanks. >> amy made a good point, it could have stood for my darling boy.
>> darling boy. >> yeah, it could have. >> probably not. >> what do you got? >> let's start with the pictures that are coming out of georgia. 44 storms. this is the southern edge of that big snowmaker that we watched move across the country now becomes our coastal storm. the southern edge was pretty nasty as well, this is pictures from wsb in atlanta, the superstar broadcasting in atlanta and, by the way, that microburst, 1 of 44 storm reports in the area. into the northwest some rain spreads. eureka has had three inches of rain. some of those showers will spread into southern california today.
>> talk about this morning that big storm on the east coast. >> thank you, sam. and coming up on "gma," dramatic closing arguments in that high school sweetheart murder trial. and an incredible survival story. how a reality show may have saved this teen's life.
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quicken loans understood the details and guided me through every step of the process. i know wherever the military sends me, i can depend on quicken loans. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. san francisco miss are involved in a stand off after a medical marijuana robbery in the bayview at a building at jennings street and wallace avenue and officers
arrested two suspects this morning but they believe one suspect remains in that building. the swat team has been called in and remains on the scene. >> check out the morning compute, sue hall, it is wet. you expect accidents. >> it is wet the we had a car off the embankment. look what has happened behind the toll plaza, very slug iron the upper deck and, yes, metering lights are on and it is bumper to bumper. now, the peninsula, this is in the eastern portion of san mateo, we have an accident, eastbound, 92, upper skyline, it is blocking the lane so this is one-way traffic control. >> we will check with our meteorologist and find out about
>> we are look at live doppler 7 hd with the best showers in the north bay and they are very light with the heaviest rain in the overnight hours and now we are in between systems with the rain moving to the south and in the low, moving up and away from us but quote have anitis lated shower. the wins are 10- to 15-miles per hour and they will taper in the afternoon. the best chance of heavy rain is, again, tomorrow.
world famous lead in "ivan the terrible." well, it turns out he did something terrible. a sinister confession from him overnight admitting he was the mastermind behind a chilling attack on his rival. threw acid in his face. all on behalf of his girlfriend. it's got jealousy, it's got careerism, maybe even some money involved and in just a little bit. >> also coming up a dramatic rescue of a teen who was missing for two freezing night as lone on a mountain. why he says a reality show saved his life. and a bitter war of words heating up between two of america's funny women and taylor swift. the singer now firing back at
their public zinger about her love life at the golden globes. what amy poehler and tina fey are saying about that right now. >> all in good fun but maybe taylor did not. also, this was incredible. this 9-year-old little girl upstaging, well, one of the best players in is the sport of tennis. she took it. she stared down rafa nadal who lived to tell about it. it was fantastic and showed up ben stiller to boot. >> bringing back bad memories, i just have to let you know. >> it all ends well, i promise. >> okay. we'll switch gears and go to the young man in massachusetts on trial for murdering his high school sweetheart. the fate of 20-year-old nathaniel fujita now lies with the jury. was he temporarily insane when he killed his girlfriend? abc's linsey davis starts us off. >> reporter: highly charged, impassioned closing arguments on both sides tuesday. at one point during the
prosecution's closing argument, the lawyer actually dropped to her knees with a bungee cord allegedly used to strangle lauren astley around her throat. she then asked the jury to think about how brutally she was murdered. there's no question that nathaniel fujita killed his 18-year-old high school sweetheart. this morning jurors are charged with determining whether he was temporarily insane when he did it. >> there is no psychosis fairy who magically sprinkled a temporary dose of psychoses on this defendant. >> reporter: in their closing argument the prosecution tried to convince jurors the former football and track star was sane and his actions were not only deliberate but premeditated. even telling lauren astley to park out of sight the night of her murder. >> the time for blaming football, the time for blaming marijuana, the time for blaming the victim is over. >> reporter: but the defense argues fujita, just 18 at the time of the murder, was suffering a psychotic episode when he beat, strangled and
slashed his girlfriend and then dumped her body in a marsh in july of 2011. several weeks after they graduated from high school and not long after she'd broken up with him. >> apply the law to those facts in a manner that is not swayed by emotion, by sympathy or anger. >> reporter: last week, the defense called on a forensic psychiatrist who testified fujita suffered from a major depressive episode leading up to the murder followed by a brief psychotic episode and cognitive disorder from football injuries. but the prosecution countered with another psychiatrist who testified she believed fujita was exaggerating how depressed he was. >> dr. fife, in your opinion what did drive the defendant to kill lauren astley? >> i think the primary motivator was rage. >> reporter: enraged or insane? it's now up to a jury to decide. the psychological profile is key. if the jury determines that the
murder was premeditated, fujita faces life in prison without parole, but if he's found not guilty because of lack of criminal responsibility aka he was insane at the time he could be committed to a mental health facility and never do any time behind bars. george? >> okay, linsey, thanks. let's get more on this from "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. the prosecutor didn't think much of the brief psychotic defense. >> tough defense. they presented two witnesses, a psychiatrist and a relative, and even though the prosecution still has the burden to say he was not insane, this is a very tough thing to get a jury to accept. i think the best shot that the defense has here is second degree murder which would mean that the jurors don't believe the prosecutors proved premeditation or extreme atrocity or cruelty. now, even that's going to be tough to get second degree murder here. but the notion that a jury would acquit based on a brief psychotic episode would be
almost unheard of. >> might they just be reluctant to send a 20-year-old to life without parole. >> they might and why i think he has a shot at second degree murder, life in prison with the opportunity for parole after something like 15 years. sympathy for the defendant is the best he can hope for, i think, in this case, although, look, the defense is going for it all here and hoping that he somehow gets acquitted. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. well, now to the dramatic rescue of that 17-year-old skier who survived two freezing nights alone on a mountain in maine. the high school senior building a snow cave to shelter him from blistering winds and he says he learned the survival skills by watching reality tv. abc's john muller is here with more on that. good morning, john. >> good morning, amy. really is an incredible story. reality tips saved this young man's life. this morning nicholas joy is expected to be released from the hospital. we're now hearing how he survived those freezing cold temperatures and also from the man who found him. nicholas joy's family
understandably filled with joy this morning. >> just said i'm so glad to see you. he said the same thing. so glad to see you. >> reporter: seen here eating a granola bar moments after being rescued suffered a two-day ordeal stranded in the bone-chilling cold on sugarloaf mountain. >> i have been praying he could pull hself down someplace, somebody get him. oh, thank god he's alive. >> reporter: it all started when joy got separated from his father while skiing sunday afternoon. blinded by blowing snow and strong winds, joy says he kicked into survival mode building this cave in the snow and blanketing himself with twigs and leaves. during the day he drank water from nearby streams and followed the faint remnants of snowshoe tracks to the road where he was eventually found by this man. >> i can't believe i actually found him. >> reporter: firefighter joe paul hopped on his snowmobile after hearing about the nearly 100 searchers looking for joy. >> i thought like most everybody he probably got hurt, you know, and broke a leg or something like that he was cold.
but for being in the woods for two days he was in great shape. >> reporter: and if this whole scenario sounds like an episode of "man vs. wild," in a way it was. >> dig a snow hole. >> reporter: it turns out joy is a big fan of the reality show and reportedly channeled his inner bear grills to survive his ordeal. >> oh, my god, happy ending, yep. doing really good. >> all right. the first thing joy asked for when he was safe and sound, a cheeseburger. his mom was more than happy to comply. definitely what you might call a happy meal for a lot of different -- >> he deserved one. that's a great story. >> you really said that. >> and that's good advice. it could happen to anyone who skis, it's just a good story with good advice. we'll start with some video out of manasquan inlet, new jersey. the water is chopped up there. take a look at what this looks
like, with this storm forming now, so much of the coastal area from new jersey north has been devastated by storms. this is the wind profile. we'll show you what it looks like in the future with the winds. look for the colors and direction of the arrows, the red, the highest wind, the direction is pretty clear to see that this is coming from the north all the way down. this runs you through friday and take a look at this. we're still in that 0 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gust area all the way through thursday and friday. that means water is being pushed into all these areas that are open to the north. every one of those zones is capable of flooding at high tide times. it's extra water along those shorelines for sure. the strong, gusty winds and even the mix of rain and snow. here's who gets snow right now with these totals. 3 to 6 in new york city kind of going around the area. boston, 6 to 8. looks like philly comes in with 3 to 6, as well. washington, d.c., 6 to 10 inches. west of d.c. we think it will be even more than
>> all that weather was brought to you by kellogg's. josh, amy, george, lara. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, the shocking overnight confession from ivan the terrible, the world famous ballet dancer now admitting he was behind the chilling attack on his rival. america's funniest women firing back at taylor swift. amy poehler and tina fey in an escalating war of words with the singer. singer. [ male announcer ] navigating your future can be daunting without a financial plan. at pacific life, we can give you the tools to help you achieve financial independence. for more than 140 years, pacific life has assisted families and businesses in meeting their goals, even in uncertain economic times. let us help protect the things that you work so hard for. to find out how, visit pacificlife.com. ♪
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confession overnight at the world famous bolshoi ballet. a top dancer playing ivan the terrible admitting he was the mastermind behind a vicious acid attack on his rival. it's a scandal that seems ripped right out of the movies but it's real. ♪ >> eighth all this pressure. i knew it would be too much. >> reporter: in the movie "black swan" a bitter ballet rivalry pushes natalie portman's character to the brink. >> what happened to my sweet girl? >> reporter: but this morning the film themes behind jealousy and revenge have turned into a frightening reality for bolshoi's ballet company, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. russian police released this tape hours ago of pavel dmitrichenko, a principal dancer known for his recent role as ivan the terrible, confessing to
a crime just as sinister as his character's name. in the tape he admits to master minding last month's brutal acid attack on sergei filin which horrified ballet fans all over the world. >> there's been whispers of needles put into costumes and glass put into slippers in order to trip up the competition. this is really gone above and beyond. >> reporter: the bolshoi failed for that powerful blend of classic and modern ballet gave them "swan lake" but now faces its own black swan. the two had bitter disagreements over fierce competition for roles. >> it's incredibly competitive and that is the prime focus of their lives and they only get a very, very short time to focus on that. >> reporter: the assault happened as filin was typing an entry code at his front door. police say a man working on dmitrichenko's orders disguised with a scarf came from behind,
dousing filin with sulfuric acid. just before jumping into a getaway car. and this morning the artistic director remains in a german hospital recovering from severe burns to his face and his eyes. no word on whether he will ever dance again. and coming up, major headline to share about valerie harper and her shocking health diagnosis. >> boy, we hope she's okay. also, a "play of the day." 9-year-old who outshone the stars of tennis and hollywood talking to her live. freeze it or don't. ♪ [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
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suarez and rafa nadal and juan martin del potro. rafa going after her and then ben stiller into the net. i mean rebecca suarez hole s h own and joins us from skype. look at you. i tell you what, as you got carried around by juan martin del potro, how long have you been playing dennis, rebecca? >> i've been playing tennis for eight years. >> oh, my gosh. >> unbelievable. well, you've got quite a future. i notice you were talking to ben stiller over the net. what did he say to you before and after? >> he said you're going down! >> so did you know they were going to pull you out of the stands? were you -- what did you think when they picked you? >> well, i met them before, but i had no idea i was going to go on the court. >> wow.
well, i tell you what, the fact that -- i mean, you were amazing and we want to thank you very quickly. what was it like when juan martin del potro picked you up and carried you around? >> well, i got really sweaty from his sweat and surprising. >> well, you were fantastic. i tell you, rafa nadal will never pick you out of the stands ever again. rebecca suarez, you have quite a future. thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. [ applause ] unbelievable. jealous. i'm jealous. >> tina fey, amy poehler, taylor swift. [ female announcer ] take your lettuce from drab to fab
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>> goodmorning,iamkristensze. sheriffdeputyswill notify a neighborhood of a high risk sex offender. the 69-year-old served time for sex crimes against children. he plans to move into a cottage near an elementary school in bay point in the next week. >> our meteorologist, mike nicco, checking out the clearing forecast. >> we have a few showers in the north bay but it is more dry than overnight. live doppler 7 hd shows snow at mt. st. helena with a drying
trend. remember, we could have a stray shower today with democrats in the 50's and a better chance of heavy rain tomorrow. sue? >> early stall at the bay bridge or several state of the unions has it jammed and bumper to bumper back to the macarthur maze with a live shot for you and good news on the peninsula, a couple of early accident cleared from the roadway in cleared from the roadway in south san francisco and san [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. growing up, we didn't have u-verse.
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[ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. ♪ yp [ cheers and applause ] well, a lot of packer fans out there in times square this morning. we got the weather for them and also robin is off today. but it's great to have amy robach is here. >> you know -- >> this is great. >> this is great. >> unbelievable. >> what better way to start your morning than a moonwalking pony. >> what? >> what? >> yeah, you heard us here. >> no. >> no. >> don't show it all now, everybody. let's move to the next story that we're going to talk about which is -- take that off already. stealing my thunder. also a big war of words this morning heating up between two
of america's funniest women, tina fey and amy poehler and taylor swift. we'll get into that. an incredible weight loss story ahead to give you an idea of how many pounds one man lost. you've got to look at the pants he used to wear. well, there's chris powell. there are the pants and chris is going to give us his amazing journey and how this man was able to lose 300 pounds. >> we got a follow-up on the big news from london. kate's little slip may have revealed she's having a baby girl and we'll talk about that ahead. also, tv legend valerie harper has a shocking diagnosis to share revealing a health scare this morning and, again, we just hope the very best for valerie in this time. for all of us that love her so much. >> that's quite a story. we'll show you a little bit down the road and by down i mean just outside our studio, we'll ease on down that yellow brick road, if you will and then hang a right and go into our oz elevator, yes, by the way, we love this so much it's our elevator that we turned it into
the magical land of oz. who is the man behind the curtain? who is it? who is it? i guess we're not actually going to reveal it yet. >> when we walked in, it felt as though i hadn't woken up. >> i want to make sure the audience knows, that isn't a room, the inside of our elevator. >> i want the reveal. >> wait, wait for "gma," george. >> okay. i will. let's get to news. >> we'll begin with the travel nightmare this morning. all thanks to the snowstorm that sam has been dutifully tracking this morning. slamming the upper midwest, the heaviest in three years is falling in the nation's capital. it's forced government offices to close today and more than 1600 flights from d.c. to atlanta to chicago are now canceled. the northeast next in the storm's path and sam will have those details coming right up. also this morning, flight attendants are criticizing a rule change by the tsa. beginning april 25th, passengers will be allowed to carry those,
small pocket knives as well as golf clubs, hockey sticks and pool cues. the tsa wants to focus on more dangerous threats in those security lines but flight attendants call it an unnecessary risk. in venezuela, people have begun seven days of mourning for their former president, hugo, but there's no sign his death will improve relations with the united states. his hand-picked successor, in fact, expelled two american military attaches last night claiming they were trying to destabilize the army. alarming milestone today in the bloody civil war in syria calling it a near full-scale disaster. more than 1 million people have now fled that country and desperately need help. another 2 million still inside syria have been forced from their homes. and more trouble for jcpenney today. "the wall street journal" reports the company could be put up for sale unless sales turn around. the board apparently growing impatient with the new ceo hired in part because of his prior success at apple.
and first it was yahoo! now best buy is banning employees from working at home. the struggling company says it's important for workers to be together and exchange ideas. agents in los angeles have seized this, a massive shipment of counterfeit luxury handbags. 1500 fake hermes bags in all would have been sold for a mean $14 million. >> wow. finally, could the dream season continue? you remember that high school team we showed you earlier this week, new rochelle, the huguenots and 60-foot hail mary by the team, an improbable ending and they got to continue their season because of it. well, yesterday back on the court playing in the state tournament and, guess what, they took down binghamton. this time they left no room for doubt. 19-point win. next up, sunday against the team that's lost only twice in year
but the huguenots, america's team. >> make sure you follow up on that. >> i'll have that for you on monday. >> thank you. >> okay. >> how about pop news? >> yeah. >> okay, good morning. some people go away for the summer. some people take time off. jon stewart will use his summer vacation to become a hollywood director. "the daily show" host will take a 12-week hiatus to make "rosewater" which he'll write, produce and direct based on a book by maziar bahari when he was jailed in iran when he tried to cover a presidential election. he has a personal connection to the story. after he was accused of spying, one of the things they used against him was his appearance on "the daily show." sitting in for him will be john oliver. >> looking forward to that. >> such a smart man, he can do anything. >> 12 weeks without jon stewart. that's a long time. >> let's give john oliver a chance.
>> okay, all right. >> not often he gets to get his passion project done. >> good for him. >> i like when people try new things. also in pop news you cannot shut down bruce springsteen. last year he was tearing up an encore in london at the hard rock. it was a benefit with sir paul mccartney and the power suddenly turned off. >> yeah. >> because of a noise curfew at hyde park so this june bruce and the e street band getting the opportunity to finish what they started. tickets go on sale this friday. hard rock calling says there will be more special guests and that they promise they'll leave the lights on. her response didn't come as swiftly as many expected. >> oh, ding. >> taylor swift is now speaking out. not happy about jokes made by amy poehler and tina fey at the golden globes. remember, take a look. >> you know what, taylor, you stay away from michael j. fox's son. >> yeah, swift told "vanity fair" that katie couric of all
people taught her a quote she really believes in, which is that there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women. not surprisingly the two comics relishly the chance to engaged. fey told "entertainment tonight" she feels badly. if anyone was going to get mad i thought it would be james cameron. i did not see this and poelher telling "the hollywood reporter" she feels bad if swift was upset but agrees she is going to hell for other reasons. >> that's awesome. >> the unapologetic apology. >> you have to be able to laugh at yourself when you're at that level. and finally, we teased it so beautifully in the hellos, a new ad for a british telecom company shows a familiar sight if you lived in the shetland isles. a beautiful pony and while clearly not ordinary with a toss of its rod stewart-like mane and a clop of its hoof, he breaks
into a moonwalk to fleetwood mac's hit "everywhere." the talented pony helped along by cgi magic. touched off the moonwalker in all of us, the ad already has been viewed by 3 million people online and came out today. >> that's great. >> pause makes it. >> bring that out here. >> rod stewart-like mane. >> good for a laugh. >> that's it. >> we'll start where you picked off -- where you were last, you know what i mean? >> what? >> josh, i'm trying to get to the fact that, you know, moments ago, ladies and gentlemen, when josh was in the news -- i'm taking the summer off. why? can we just go to the pony. >> terrific. >> i don't -- this is a live shot of washington, d.c. the snow, please, let me get through this because here's -- stop laughing at me, amy. here's what's happening in washington, d.c., and it's a good thing that washington shut down for the day and that's what josh's story was in the news because now it's gone from rain
to snow and this will be a long duration event where this low keeps spinning off the coastline with wind, rain, snow, lots of inland snow. this is just a mess, folks, isn't just a quick mover either. this is all night tonight, all day thursday, finally getting out of the way friday and those are our snowfall totals. >> i hate quick movers. >> there's nothing i can do right today. >> hang with me, america. it's national breakfast week.
to get more kids to eat breakfast, kellogg's wants you to get involved of the tweet us @gma with what you're serving your kids for breakfast. we'll put some of those tweets on our jumbotron. for every tweet we get during the show kellogg's will provide a breakfast to a child with a goal of a million breakfasts. that's sponsored by kellogg's. thank you. >> that's great. >> lara. >> thank you. on our "gma" morning menu, did kate accidentally reveal that she's carrying a baby girl? we'll tell you that story. we'll follow up on that. we've been talking about it all day long, then tv legend valerie harper and shocking health diagnosis just revealed. plus, an astonishing weight loss story, the moment that finally got this man to drop more than 300 pounds. all that and more coming up live on "good morning america." [ female announcer ] coffee-mate natural bliss.
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boy, is it making huge headlines in the papers this morning. take a look at this one. it says "it's a girl!" here's what happened. at a charity function in grimesby, she was given a small teddy bear by a well wisher. kate smiling away replied and said, thank you, i will keep this for my "d" and before she could complete the word she stopped herself. the well wisher then asked her, you were going to say daughter. kate replied insisting, no, i wasn't. we don't know yet and we're not telling and this is unprecedented that the sex of a royal baby is revealed before it's born. now, the palace is not commenting on whether the couple is having a boy or girl. only confirming to us this morning, quote, they're expecting a baby. george. >> okay, lama, thanks. for more our royal expert, victoria. thanks for coming in. any doubt? >> i think there's a lot of doubt. this is a stretch as far as i'm concerned.
this crowd was 2,000 strong waiting hours to see kate. it was a lady that was one removed from the lady presenting the teddy bear. i think if kate was going to say anything she was going to give it to her dog and she -- >> that's what twitter believes. >> maybe she felt like she was going to offend that person by saying she was going to give it as a chew toy. >> their dog is their first baby, anyone a dog owner. kate hasn't had the actual baby yet. she's a well-mannered, polite lady and stopped herself just in time and i would say -- >> oh. >> you think she knows. >> i don't think she knows. we generally don't find out in the uk. we don't do baby showers or gender reveal parties. they're very traditional in their approach to everything. i would be surprised if they even found out. there was talk diana found out when she was pregnant but back in those days it was huge pressure to have a boy first so i think she found out just to cut herself an easy break. >> now it doesn't matter as much. >> it doesn't matter as much. regardless of whether kate has a
boy or a girl, that child will be the rightful heir to the throne so kate can kick back. >> how about queen elizabeth? we saw her in the hospital. >> she's doing very well. yes, she's at home resting. prince philip and countess of wessex filled in for her at buckingham palace. monday she's doing a series of engagements on behalf of the commonwealth at westminster abbey. >> victoria, thanks very much. now to that major headline about tv icon valerie harper. we loved her as rhoda on "the mary tyler moore show" and her own show "rhoda." this morning "people" magazine is reporting that harper has been given a shocking medical diagnosis, abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: she is the feisty sidekick who has kept us laughing for decades. >> don't look at me. i don't have any makeup on yet. now, that's where you said, but, rhoda, you look sensational without makeup. >> reporter: but this morning,
valerie harper has some heartbreaking news. the tv legend known simply as -- >> rhoda! >> reporter: -- tells "people" magazine she has a rare incurable form of brain cancer. in a tearful interview, the magazine calls a brave good-bye, the 73-year-old says the diagnosis hit me like a sledgehammer, incurable is such a concise word. i was terrified. when she appeared on "gma" in january, harper told amy about stroke-like symptoms that had recently sent her to the hospital. >> what the heck is happening to me? >> reporter: what she didn't say is she had received the terminal diagnosis just days earlier. >> hey, val, how are you darling? it's me, mary. >> reporter: during the interview a surprise phone call from an old friend left her moved. >> thank you for calling in. i'm just so touched. >> well, i just want to wish you well. >> i know you do. you always have wished me well. >> reporter: harper now tells "people" i don't think of dying, i think of being here now.
>> there are moments of course, where she feels extremely sad. she's also an extremely funny person. she's very, very happy that she's had the life that she's had. >> reporter: this morning the woman who for so long was america's best friend is still providing sage advice. life is amazing, she tells "people." live it to the fullest. stay as long as you can. for "good morning america," so cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> and she was so remarkable, so lovely when she was here. we obviously wish her the very best. >> we sure do. her attitude is so amazing right there. so strong. >> yeah. >> sweet lady. dear, dear, dear sweet lady. >> thinking of her and as we move on in the heat index we'll turn to an incredible weight loss story. a real inspirational story here. his name is brian back and he has turned into a hero, quite frankly, for people struggling to slim down. brian lost more than 300 pounds without surgery, pills or grueling workouts at the gym so what is his secret?
abc's rachel smith host of "on the red carpet" has his story. ♪ >> reporter: brian beck has been on the heavier side of the scale for most of his life. >> the doctor put me on skim milk at six months old because i was gaining weight too rapidly. >> reporter: by the time he graduated college he was tipping the scales at over 400 pounds. he found a job in radio where he could hide behind his voice. >> i was able to have a career entertaining without having to be seen. >> reporter: but by 2003 brian's weight wasn't just affecting his personal life, it was affecting his career, as well. >> i had an interview to go to orlando and went over to get my ticket. and they said, you need two. you take up a row basically. >> reporter: that's when he decided to have gastric bypass surgery. he lost nearly 200 pounds but didn't change his eating habits and gained all the weight back. after getting married in 2007, a second wake-up call.
>> i'm on the phone with my wife and i just said, i can't live like this anymore. i can eat better. i can change my health. >> reporter: brian starting changing his life slowly walking his dogs around the block and cutting out processed foods from his diet. over 2 1/2 years more than 300 pounds melted away. are you happy? >> i couldn't be happier. i never knew life could be this good honestly. >> reporter: what was a meal like for brian at 480 some odd pounds. >> instead of ordering one pizza it would be two pizzas and a big order of cheesesticks along with that. now i eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. i do eat meats. i eat a lot of chicken, i'll eat steak. >> reporter: now 40 years old brian has decided to share his experience with others. he's a personal trainer and his clients include people who knew him at his heaviest weight. so what do you think about the new brian? >> i think he's awesome. >> thank you, buddy. >> inspiration totally. >> reporter: i couldn't help but pick up some tips myself.
oh. he even kept a memento if his heavier days to remind him hoi far he came. >> i found an old pair. wasn't at my biggest but close. i'm in one leg now of my old jeans. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, plano, texas. >> joining us now is the host of abc's extreme makeover weight loss edition and author of "choose to lose" "gma" special weight loss contributor chris powell and, chris, a number is one thing but a visual always helps so can you show us -- >> absolutely. these jeans are heavy. >> there's a lot of denim. >> it could be a blanket. these are size 58 here and this is what he was in when he was 475 pounds, 175 pounds -- he's smaller than i am. >> he's ripped. >> yes. >> and explain to people, though, it's not -- it's not easy. he still fought with it. he had bypass surgery. he lost 200 pounds and then gained it all back. >> yeah. >> does that happen a lot and what advice do you have for
people who have that severe yo-yo? >> it does happen and i see it all too often. what happened was he was so busy focusing on altering his body he didn't change his mind. that's where transformation happens up here first then he got it. he went through that mistake. he learned from it and then he said, o. wait, i'll do this the right way. i'll go walk my dog and start one step at a time. i see it a lot with gastric bypass, lap bands, i'm not for it or against it but a tool people use to believe in themselves again. >> what happens when they start to spiral? do they give up right away? hard to imagine you could climb that high. >> all too often they do. as soon as they fall off once, hands go up in the fail, i knew i couldn't do this. we can fall without failing. best thing to do if you do spiral out of control, confess. that's what the support system is for. in every transformation we need to surround ourselves with people who love us. >> set up realistic expectation.
>> how hard is it to maintain it? >> that's a whole new journey. the best thing and what i love about his story, he's training now. he's found another purpose and it feels so much better than food ef ever did. he always has to look forward to something more than food. >> nothing tastes as skinny looks. >> it's true. >> you guys both knew that. >> all right, lara. >> it's about changing your relationship with food. almost like you have to have a good breakup with food as opposed to a bad breakup. >> he started to look forward to other things. as soon as he's on the journey stepping on the scale and seeing the loss, it was great. people supporting him but now that he's where he's at he doesn't see the change on the scale anymore but he gets that feel-good from heading other people. nothing feels as good as service towards others. >> skinny looks good. congratulations to brian. what an inspiration and thank you for bringing us yet another great story. >> absolutely, guys, thank you. coming up, everybody, rachael ray here with delicious
dishes you do not want to miss. >> "gma" and emeril are at it again kicking off mother's day in a big which with emeril's big mother's day breakfast in bed contest. >> how good is that? what mom wouldn't want breakfast in bed served up by emeril lagasse. >> go to gma.com on yahoo! >> presented by thomas' english muffins. >> we got this. >> check it out. >> thanks to you. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you. thank you. >> to you and you. >> "gma." >> we have so much fun. >> because of you. >> good morning. >> we are feeling the best. ♪ good morning >> thank you very much. >> we are -- >> going to work. >> it's because of you "gma" is riding high and so much fun and we're just getting started. so -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you.
>> now, from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. san francisco police are involved in a stand off following a robbery at a medical marijuana dispensary in the bayview at a building at jennings. officers arrested two suspects in connection with a robbery. they believe at least one suspect is still in the building. the swat team remains on the scene. now, how is the morning commute looking? sue? >> inching along at bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on. we have a backup there that is at least 15 minutes to the toll. early stalls are the culprit. an accident, now, in the san jose area, we had two incidents
and northbound 85, that has been cleared and northbound 17 is in the clearing stages and bumper to bumper from half moon bay bay due to an early accident. >> we will c
>> we have breaks in the cloud cover right now but there are still a few showers in the not bay near petaluma and santa rosa headed off to the east with some coming from bodega bay. winds are already starting to
calm so that will not be an issue like it was this morning. we will have scattered light showers and temperatures in the mid-40's to mid-50's right now and we will top out in the mid-50's, maybe a few upper ♪ ♪ hello. >> hi, everyone, out there in times square. let's take a look at james franco. he is playing the most famous wizard ever in oz, the great and powerful. you see him right there. that's in the movie. he's going to be joining us live in just a couple of minutes. >> our elevator is big enough to handle all that. >> we have a yellow brick road too. also ahead, it was a historic but disappointing performance by the first woman ever to try out for the nfl. did her kick actually hurt women athletes everywhere? >> oh, no. >> the escalating debate over that just ahead, but josh just put an end to that debate. >> no. >> excited for trying.
>> hey, i see somebody i love and know over in our kitchen, rachael ray is here, everybody. hi, rach. >> good morning to you. >> she's got a muth-watouthwate couple of dishes she's whipping up. this annual music and food celebration which i have yet to get to. so much fun. today we're making tex mex bacon cheeseburgers with chipotle ketchup. >> sounds good. >> we're going to put you on the hot seat, rach and ask you some rapid round questions. >> i'm ready. >> are you ready? are you really ready? >> yeah. >> we'll see. also ahead on our digital show, "gma live," can you have your cake, ladies and gentlemen, and drink it too? >> yes. >> can you? can you really? because we're -- >> there's franco. >> oh, look, there's james franco. >> his glasses. >> there he is coming in. >> breaking news. >> all right. >> now can we hold until he sees the yellow brick road? >> right there. >> because it's right there. >> he was just walking down it. >> about to go into the
elevator. >> break into a scene from the movie thinking he's on the set. >> well, anyway, we were saying a cake-flavored tea. we're going to do a tea test, and if you're into tea and you want to take a little sip. >> yeah, been having it. >> i mean, maybe it -- >> this is birthday cake, and it's kind of sweet and only five calories and we are going to talk more about that on "gma live." >> i get to go back in time. talk to one of my very favorite people from my former world, espn. he's jay bilas, he's the pre-eminent basketball analyst. he also has a new book out called "toughness." can't wait to talk to you about that. >> staying on the sports theme, that young woman who kicked her way into history, the first to get a shot at going to the nfl except she didn't do very well. yeah, her kick was some say a setback for all women. abc's juju chang is here with the escalating controversy. juju? >> hey, amy. >> well, you know, it was supposed to be one small kick for lauren silberman and one giant leap for womankind.
instead, it turned into a painful moment in women's sports that went viral and blew up with the age-old question, can women ever make it to the big leagues? it was the kick heard round the world. which landed with a thud. make that two thuds. 28-year-old lauren silberman's hopes of being the first woman in the nfl fell so far short, she became fodder for comedians. >> well, there she is kicking the football and she did not make the nfl. >> reporter: some questioned if silberman, a former soccer player who never played football, had any business trying out for the nfl even though she'd scored the tryout with this impressive field goal at a super bowl fan event, but the average nfl place kick, 41.8 yards. silberman's attempt drifting 19 yards then just 13.
>> the minute i touched the ball, my quad, i could just feel like tense up and hurt. it was really painful. >> my heart sunk into my stomach when i saw the kicks. this is not good for lauren. it is not good for any of us. >> reporter: katie hnida is among the most qualified women in football. she started in high school, played college ball and became the first woman to ever score in a division i game. she even played pro football in the arena league. hnida worries that silberman's injury-plagued performance may have set back the cause of serious female kickers, who fought long and hard for years to be taken seriously. >> not having the kicking experience is huge, and i think is maybe a bit presumptuous. >> reporter: and she's not the only one to feel that way. the twittersphere erupted with heated reaction. "disgrace to female athletes," says one woman and "will the real female kickers send us your stats." >> this is not representative of how women can be great athletes. >> reporter: but others say, not so fast. >> she didn't have a good day, but does it impact women's sports? not at all.
>> reporter: now, you should know lauren silberman declined our invitation to discuss the backlash, but, ironically, by going viral may have ushered in a new tidal wave of interest. as for katie, i asked her whether she'd try out for the nfl. she got so many intriguing inquiries but was quick to point out there are other college players who are at that level who can compete. >> right. didn't she kind of choke a little? she had better kicks. right? >> she had an injury, she said and katie told me that it looked like she hadn't warmed up properly, and the lack of experience really showed. >> i understand the controversy but i did kind of feel bad for her. >> i felt bad for her but i don't think she should have tried out. >> i think you're right. >> yeah. >> all right. sam, let's get a final check of the weather out there. >> we are outside in lovely times square, as we like to say, our backyard and front yard of "gma." by the way, where are you from? give me towns. >> atlanta. >> atlanta. >> canada. >> canada. >> san francisco. >> milwaukee.
>> i knew we would get milwaukee in. hello. >> new york. >> let's get to the boards. show you pictures. twitter and facebook. we'll start with arizona, cave creek, a beautiful shot then move on to minnesota. that is actually outside of max's aunt's front door. right? yeah, you can barely see her mailbox in all the snow in minneapolis there and now to a live shot of washington, d.c. a little bit of a shot. look at this. white house whiteout. everything is coming into place with this storm system that's sitting on the coastline right now as it develops. it's a coastal mess with an awful lot of wind and rain. our winds will pick up here and stay up all the way through friday. so will most of the winds from the jersey shore. inland areas will get some snow out of this, so stay with your local abc stations. on the west coast, san francisco
>> we are live in times square but let's go inside to -- >> all: josh! >> thank you, sammy. but it's not about me but about my good friend, jay bilas to tell us about his new book, what it means to be tough. jay is an espn basketball commentator, an analyst, former player himself. also, oh, by the way, an attorney. happy to have him here. again, "toughness: developing true strength on and off the court." obviously a passion project but what for you then is toughness? >> well, toughness is meeting challenges head on and not shrinking from them. i think my former teammates are going to find it wildly ironic that i wrote about toughness, but whether you're a parent or a colleague at a law firm or working here on the "gma" team, we've all got roles to play and being a star in your role while at the same time being responsible for what you do and being accountable for the mission and meeting all the challenges that you have head on and not taking a step back from it. >> you know, accountability, it was interesting, in the book,
you relate talking to a teammate of yours, mark alarie, and you said, boy, when i worked out i was working out so i was good enough so i didn't have to try to do too much. and he said actually for him it was to find out, frankly, how far he could go. it's really this book, "toughness," it's about finding out how you can be -- how good can you be. >> in a large measure toughness is about pushing your limits that we've all got and other gear. we've all got more in us and mark alarie was a great player. he was an all-american, and we came in kind of rated the same in college or out of high school, and i worked really hard. i was a hard worker, but i worked really hard in conditioning so that i could be more comfortable in my work, and mark worked out to be more productive, so he wasn't trying to be comfortable. and his thing when we ran the mile, i wanted to improve my time, but i wanted to do it more comfortably, the truth was, and mark's thing was the mile is about how much pain you're willing to endure. >> i want to see --
>> i mean and so he wasn't interested in being more comfortable and that was when i learned that essentially from him in watching him work, that was a real turning point for me. >> reading this book, you talked to so many people in this book. so many of the great college coaches, for instance, but the toughest person you know is whom? >> my father but -- both my parents, my mother is really tough too and, you know, you can be tough and really nice, those are not mutually exclusive, but my dad has a tremendous work ethic. never complains. he's always got a plan for things. he's always prepared, and he's got tremendous perspective like he knows what -- he's got his priorities straight for him, and he cares what other people think, but he certainly didn't worry about it because he knos s what he wants to accomplish. >> a great read. metallurgic studies in here and idea of hardness and toughness. terrific. i know once upon a time and saw this and had to do it, let's go back to the year 1981, shall we, when you were coming for our jobs at rolling hills high. look at vintage jay bilas. >> can i have a coke? >> nope.
>> why not? >> because it's a state law. you can't serve cokes until 1:15. >> did you hear that? it's a state law that you can't serve cokes until 1:15? what if i have an i.d.? >> muckraking and with hair too. >> that was terrific. a high school media studies project we did and this is some friend-on-friend crime. i'm going to have to be tough to get through this. i can't believe you did that to me. >> a fantastic read, jay. great to see you. good luck with the book. it is on sale now. "toughness." coming up, james franco,
but i want to go with you. >> what? ah. on a witch hunt? no, you're just a little girl. >> i'm not as delicate as i look. >> that didn't hurt. >> i'm coming with you. >> listen, we have one rule in show business, never work with kids or animals. i'm already working with this thing. relax. the answer is no. >> a new twist on an old classic, james franco in "oz the great and powerful." it hits theaters this weekend. great to have the wizard, james franco, here now. thanks for coming in. >> of course, thanks. >> this really does turn oz upside down a little bit. instead of dorothy going down
the yellow brick road, it's the wizard. >> exactly. that aspect of this movie was one of the biggest things that appealed to me. i have been a fan of oz since i was a boy. i read all the l. frank baum books. >> all of them? >> there's 14. they were like -- essentially they were my harry potters back in the day before that even existed, and so i became obsessed and read all of them, so when i heard that they were making this film, another movie about oz and, you know, being such a big fan of the original, i thought, ooh, i hope they have a good approach. >> kind of scary to play with a classic like that. >> yeah, right, but they did it right because they're not trying to remake the judy garland film, but they're respectful of the land of oz that everybody knows and loves, so there's the yellow brick road and emerald city and witches and flying monkeys, but the protagonist is not a boy version of dorothy or anything like that. >> he's a con man. >> he's anything but an innocent young girl. he's a con man, he's a charlatan, and so you get a whole new experience of oz because your main character is so different.
>> and you turned this into a family affair. i understand your grandma mitzi is in the film. >> she -- she's kind of taking over, but she has a very small part. so you have to know her to look. she's in the courtyard at glinda's palace. >> a tiny, tiny part. >> look for her there. >> we see her right there. >> oh, there she is. she's a townsperson in oz. >> so you do so many different things all the time. you're teaching half the time and doing documentaries and doing films. which one do you love the best right now? >> well, it's a good question. i mean, i do all of them because i do get something different out of all of them, and i do believe that, you know, different subjects have ideal forms or better ways to be expressed in different forms, so that's one of the reasons i do all of them, but if you're just talking about what i enjoy like just making or the process of doing, you know, the most, it's directing film is just the most fun because it's such a collaborative medium. i get -- when i make films i get
to have all my friends around me and i get to work on projects i want to do, so it's a way to design an environment that, you know, just has all my favorite things. >> you also took on the oscars a couple of years ago. what did you think of seth macfarlane? >> i didn't really see it, but i've seen clips, and he's great. i mean, he's a funny guy. if he was born to do anything, it was, you know, that. >> it was good. it was excellent. tell us what your next out-of-the-box project is going to be. >> out of the box of not a movie or just like -- >> whatever. >> i've been teaching a lot actually. that's a new chapter in my life, and it was very scary at first, but i love it. it puts my energy in a different direction. i get to look at other people's work and not think about myself for, you know, a few hours every day. yeah, it's good. >> great. james franco, thanks a lot. "oz the great and powerful" is in theaters this friday. and coming up -- rachael ray in the kitchen. we cannot wait
>> want a hamburger for breakfast? >> nothing is better than this, ladies and gentlemen. we're all here with our good friend, rachael ray. >> everybody comes over when there's burgers. >> we're so happy to have you here because you're going to show us two great tex mex dishes you're featuring in austin. >> my husband -- he's a lawyer by day but has a rock band by night and every year we go down to south by southwest. it starts out a big movie festival, and at the end of next week, it turns into this huge music festival. we throw a huge showcase party on saturday of south by southwest. zz ward is an artist you're having on this week. >> yeah. >> she's at our party and sheepdogs and rain wolf and have classics like kenny loggins is closing our show. >> we love it. the skywriters. so something for everybody and what i do at the party is i pass out a lot of food. four recipes, we'll put all four
up on your site so people can make them and have their own south by southwest at home, and there's free cocktails and food all day long. >> great. now you got my attention. >> free cocktails and food. >> you're the boss. you're the boss on your show. you run -- you've run us around on your show a few times so today we're going to switch things around a little bit. we're going to follow -- >> you're going to give me rapid-fire, right? >> we're going to fire up some hot questions and using the skinny mike to do it. ladies and gentlemen, rachael ray in the lightning round. the mike is -- >> good job. >> from this box. >> i just want to say. >> by the way, this sparkly, glittery -- >> what is that, velvet? >> before rapid-fire let me tell you about the burger everybody is already eating down on this end. this is the burger i created -- >> i told you she was the boss. i was just going to ask her questions, but she already changed it around. >> cooked out bacon. it's in the burger. then we have cooked out jalapeno, garlic and onions, sweat it down, throw that in there. then you got smoky cumin, bright
coriander, a little paprika. >> a little paprika. >> and a little bit of mexican oregano. two cheeses go on top, pepper jack and a little smoked cheddar. home made chipotle ketchup. >> oh, no. >> that is delicious. >> now that you know what's in the pan, go ahead. give it to me. >> here we go. are you ready, ladies and gentlemen? >> give it to me. >> for rachael ray, start the clock. your attention, your favorite thing to cook? >> food. >> right. best song to cook to? >> i love the foo fighters to tom jones and everything in between. my husband's band, the crinch. >> favorite kitchen gadget. >> a sharp knife and a garbage pole. >> adult beverage to sip? >> i'm a wino, red wine. red wine after 5:00. >> your least favorite food to prepare? >> ooh. aaagh. eyeballs, i don't know. >> eyeballs? >> i love making food. i'll cook anything. i might be squeamish with a stuffed eyeball. >> it was eyeballs was her least
favorite food to prepare. yeah, i agree. i totally agree. >> we'll put up on your site these -- the chipotle burgers, the homemade chipotle ketchup, the bacon burgers. we also have a vegetarian offering. >> what is this? >> soup? >> that's our vegetarian offering this year. mexican pesto stirred into vegetable-based cream corn soup. >> that is delicious. >> that ketchup is amazing. >> that ketchup is delicious. right? >> south by southwest is huge. it's like my second christmas. >> to get all the recipes, all you have to do is go to goodmorningamerica.com on yahoo! rachael ray, always fun. >> love you. a big week on our show next >> love you. a big week on our show next week too, guys.) 3 days of walkg
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fantastic deals and steals for our viewers. >> fill up your coffee cup and head to your computer because "gma" live is just minutes away. right now. >> i love this burger.
>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> the breaking news is in san francisco. firefighter has suffer add possible shoulder injury while battling a house fire on 8th avenue. it started in the last hour, with more on midday news at 11. mike? >> few scattered showers in the north bay. live doppler 7 hd shows most of us out of the wet weather. an isolated shower is possible today. we will hit the 50's. we will have a better chance of measurable rain tonight and tomorrow. >> in the south bay we have a couple of problems moving westbound 237, right at the 237
south 101. there is an accident there blocking the lane of traffic. on 17 in san jose, a couple of different problems. it is announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from "oz the great and powerful," james franco. and from the tv series, "the client list," actress jennifer love-hewitt. plus, michael reunites with new york giants head coach tom coughlin. all next on the emmy award-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ michael: hello! kelly: hi!
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